Environmental, Social and Governance

Hawkins, Inc. Is Committed To Being A Responsible, Sustainable Supplier

We supply most of our products through tanker trucks or returnable drums and totes, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.  We also receive many of our products by barge and rail, which are energy-efficient methods to move large quantities of material.  And our shipments are often by full tanker or truck loads, reducing carbon emissions.

We are an environmentally responsible steward. Our facilities, supported by a team of trained environmental professionals, carefully monitor, manage and control our environmental impacts (air, water and surface) through proper containment and controls at all of our operating locations.


Our Products Help Keep The Environment Clean

Our products are used to safely treat wastewater in compliance with all applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and NSF standards. In some cases, we are able to assist our customers by reclaiming and reworking products that would have otherwise been disposed.

  • Our fertilizers are virtually free of heavy metals–this helps prevent contamination of soil, surface water and aquifers and helps guarantee a heavy-metal-free food supply
  • We sell an increasing array of organic ingredients and are a certified organic manufacturer
  • We seek to source products domestically, where feasible, and avoid purchases from higher-polluting countries


We Work To Increase Our Energy Efficiency And Limit Our Impact On Natural Resources

  • We have installed energy-efficient LED lights in many of our facilities
  • We work to reduce our water and energy consumption
  • Our headquarters building was a LEED certified remodel
  • We installed solar panels at our Rosemount manufacturing plant, which significantly reduced energy consumption
  • We have added paperless storage systems, eliminating office paper where possible
  • Our headquarters eliminated disposable cups, dishes and utensils
  • Our drivers have reduced idle times, thereby reducing emissions
  • We are buying higher efficiency trucks that get better mileage
  • Our headquarters has electric car charging stations for use by employees and visitors
  • Our corporate auto policy requires company cars to have improved MPG


We Invest In Our Communities

We donate to a variety of organizations, such as the YMCA, provide an employer match to charitable donations made by our employees and permit paid time off for volunteering hours that our departments take part in, such as Habitat for Humanity and local food shelves.

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