PULSAtron Pumps


The PULSAtron family are solenoid powered diaphragm metering pumps.

The key element which differentiates these pumps from other types is the TFE lined elastomer diaphragm.

This diaphragm is sealed against the reagent head forming a seal-less, leak free pumping chamber. The solenoid driver is connected to the diaphragm to create the pumping motion. As the diaphragm moves away from the face of the reagent head, it creates a vacuum which closes the discharge check valve and opens the suction check valve, drawing the pumped fluid into the pumping chamber. As the solenoid forces the diaphragm toward the face of the reagent head, the suction check valve closes and the discharge check valve opens allowing the liquid to flow out the discharge valve.


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Premium Construction

  • Few moving parts
  • Optional wet-end materials
  • High Viscosity handling
  • Long life diaphragm
  • Leak free design

Guided Ball Check Valve System

  • Dual ball check with TFE seats
  • Reduce back flow
  • Outstanding priming characteristics

Highly Reliable Electronics

  • Timing circuit
  • Rated hot for continuous duty
  • Thermal overload

A Plus, C Plus, E Series

  • 100:1 turn down ratio; 1000:1 on some models
  • Water resistant for outdoor installation
  • Manual control by on-line adjustable stroke length and stroke rate
  • Optional external pacing with Auto/Manual switch on A Plus
  • Internally dampened to reduce noise
  • Optional: External pace, external stop or both


C Series

  • 10:1 turn down ratio
  • Optional automatic control by external pacing with prime switch
  • Manual control by on-line adjustable stroke length
  • Liquid low level option available to prevent loss of prime
  • Internally dampened to reduce noise

MP Series

  • Automatic control, fully scalable 4-20mADC, 20-4mADC or external pacing
  • Manual control allows for a combined 1000:1 turndown
  • Flow verification option is available on select sizes
  • 16 character LCD display and indicator lights
  • Relay and stop outputs
  • Simple prompts in plain language and programmable in four languages

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    E Plus Series

    • 100:1 turn down ratio
    • Optional 4-20mA with stop function
    • Optional external pacing with stop function
    • Auto-Off-Manual selection switch with indicator lights
    • Built in circuit protection with easy access panel mounted fuse
    • Clear hinged cover over controls for water resistance


    HV Series

    • Automatic control, available with 4-20mADC direct or external pacing, with stop function
    • Manual control by on-line adjustable stroke rate & stroke length
    • Viscosities to 20,000 CPS
    • Auto-Off-Manual switch
    • Highly reliable timing circuit
    PULSAtron Pumps