Brewery Souring Agents

Beer Souring Simplified 

Add 4 new sour beers to your product line!

Simply add one of Hawkins 3 Main Souring Blends

  • Fruit Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • X Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • Berliner Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • Flanders Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)

Best beer souring blends

Souring Instructions

For complete instructions on how to add Souring Agents to you next batch of brew please fill out your contact information and you will be redirected to the instructions

Hawkins Inc. is a key supplier of Beer Souring Agents.  As a key distributor  of Beer Souring Agents Hawkins has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products we supply.

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