Forbes Names Hawkins Inc. One of America’s Most Trustworthy 100 Companies (Again)

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Once again, Hawkins Inc. was named to Forbes list of the 100 most trustworthy companies in America.

To create this list, MSCI ESG Research screened more than 5,500 publicly-traded North American companies to identify the 100 that most “consistently demonstrated transparent accounting practices and solid corporate governance.”

Hawkins was also named to this list in 2014.

Forbes Names Hawkins Inc. One of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies

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To identify the most transparent and trustworthy businesses that trade on American exchanges, Forbes turned to GMI Ratings (GMI), a pioneer in the application of non-traditional risk measures for financial analysis.

“In order to rank companies from the most to the least trustworthy, we look at over 60 different governance and forensic accounting measures,” says GMI vice chair and chief executive James A. Kaplan.  “Those companies that persistently display the most accounting transparency; have the lowest incidence of high-risk events; and have appropriate Board supervision are typically ranked the highest. Companies on this list reflect these practices.