Water Treatment Disinfection

Water Treatment Disinfection

Bleach – Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is a highly cost effective, functional and user friendly source of disinfection, sanitation or oxidation. It is a universally applied basic chemical for numerous applications: municipal water/waste water, food processing, sanitation, household and institutional cleaners, germicides, mold removers, laundry, chemical processing and industrial water / wastewater treatment.

Hawkins is where to buy sodium hypochlorite (bleach) because Hawkins is a large producer of bleach and has multiple facilities dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality bleach. We also carry sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in bulk (tank trucks), mini bulk and more.  We also have Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) available in a large variety of concentrations.

Hawkins carries both EPA registered and non EPA registered sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

Azone – 15 Is Hawkins EPA Registered Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach)

Additional Information:

  • Country of Origin: Product is manufactured in the United States.
  • NSF Certification: Certified to NSF ANSI/Std. 60 with a maximum use level of 40 mg/L.

Chlorine Gas

Chlorine gas in general is one of the most effective disinfectants.  Chlorine gas is used in water treatment to disinfect drinking water, swimming pools, ornamental ponds and aquaria, sewage and wastewater.

  • Chlorine gas is not flammable or explosive.
  • According to data from the Association of Poison Control Center, gas chlorine has far less chlorination exposures than any other forms of chlorine.
  • Cylinder mounted systems draw chlorine from the container with a vacuum, so that a leak of any system component results in the automatic and immediate shut-off of the chlorine.

Key Points:

  • Consistency and repeatability of feed rate make it operationally the most reliable.
  • Modern gas feeding equipment occupies very little space.
  • Doesn’t produce byproducts such as chlorite or chlorate ions

Benefits of Gas Chlorine

  • Environmentally friendly – Gas chlorine comes in reusable cylinders so there are no disposal issues.
  • Does not degrade – Stays at full strength and does not matter how long it’s stored.
  • Saves money – 100% elemental Cl2. Gas chlorine costs less than other forms because bleach or granules are not 100% chlorine.

Gas chlorine is 100% chlorine per pound vs. calcium hypochlorite which is approximately 65% chlorine per pound or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) which contains approximately 12% -15% chlorine per gallon. You need less gas chlorine to do the same job as calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

Gas Feed Equipment

Providing A Complete Line Of Gas Feed System Components & Parts

collage of gas equipment header

Gas Equipment Brands We Offer

Force Flow Scales

Tank, Drum, And Cylinder Scales

force flow DR40 with Wizard


Emergency Cylinder Shut Off System

Halogen Terminator with Pin

Hydro Instruments

Chlorination, Chlorine Dioxide, Dechlorination, Ammoniation, CO2, Submersible Induction Units & Water Analysis

Hydro GA 180 with Sensor

Force Flow Scales

Monitor and control chemical feed at your water treatment plant or in your industrial process. Weight-based and ultrasonic systems for monitoring chemical usage, level and feed rate.

Minimize Your Risk And Liability With Halogen’s Emergency Valve Shutoff Systems

If you use Chlorine or other hazardous gases you know the risks associated with them. Halogen’s Emergency Shutoff Systems provide an extra measure of safety for these environments.

  • Protect your personnel
  • Protect the environment
  • Don’t let a gas leak become a reportable Hazmat incident




All of Halogen’s shutoff systems are Fire Code approved replacements for gas scrubber treatment systems.

Hawkins offers a complete line of Halogen Actuator Control Systems

  • Economical, low cost solution
  • Protects personnel and community by quickly and automatically stopping a gas leak
  • Easy-to-use clamp mount design for ton containers
  • Battery powered system – continues to protect for up to 5 days if AC power lost
  • Fire code approved for many applications as scrubber alternative
  • Helps comply with RMP gas leak mitigation requirement
  • Compatible with most tank mounted vacuum regulator brands

Hydro Instruments

Hydro products

Hydro Instruments are makers of the highest quality gas chlorinators, gas chlorination systems and chemical metering equipment. Hydro Instruments is recognized as the most ruggedly designed, highest quality and longest lasting products available.


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