Hydro Instruments

Hydro Instruments

Chlorination, Chlorine Dioxide, Dechlorination, Ammoniation, CO2, Submersible Induction Units & Water Analysis

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    Hydro Series 500




    Hydro Series 3000 High Capacity Vacuum Regulators



    Hydro Instruments Automatic Control Values

    State-of-the-art microprocessor technology, highest quality materials, precision machining and a minimal number of moving parts all combine to make the Hydro Instruments Automatic Valves extremely reliable over long periods of continuous operation.

    Hydro Omni valve

    Hydro Instruments Gas Detectors

    Hydro Instruments manufactures two gas alarm systems the GA-180 and the GA-171. Both systems provide reliable and simple solutions for gas detection applications. Both incorporate a basic modular design that can integrate a variety of gas sensor types and feature a user-friendly key pad interface for easy calibration and operation.

    Hydro Instruments PID Controller

    The HC-220 PID Controller offers the capability to control liquid chemical or gaseous chemical feed devices with a wide range of control options, adjustable features, and settings.

    PID Controller

    Hydro Residual Chlorine Analyzers – Chlorine Monitoring Instruments

    cresidual chlorine analyzer