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Brewery & Beverage Products Supplier & Distributor

Hawkins Brewery, Beverage & Food Facility Products

Sanitizers  •  Cleaners  •  Acidulants  •  Waste  Neutralization


  • GO2: Chlorine Dioxide, simple to use, two step kit.  Final equipment rinse/container (keg, bottle, can) sanitizing
  • Reflex: Acid sanitizer containing a combination of acids including 6.1% peroxyacetic acid
  • Bleach: Strengths 4-15%
  • Bioside HS 15: Peracetic acid 15%



  • Customized functional blends and flavors
  • Hawkins Cleaner NPB: Low foam acid CIP cleaner nitric and phosphoric acid to remove scale and beer stone
  • Hawkins PC Cleaner: Low foam acid CIP cleaner phosphoric and citric acid to remove scale and beerstone  – follow up to caustic cleaner
  • Hawkins Peroxide Cleaner: Foaming peroxide cleaner 30%. Strong oxidizing cleaner good for tough cleaning challenges
  • Hawkins Peroxide Cleaner 9%: Foaming peroxide cleaner 9%. Strong oxidizing cleaner good for tough cleaning challenges
  • Hawkins Citric-Peroxide Cleaner: Low foam cleaner with citric acid, peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds.  Clean and prep canning, bottling and serving
  • Hawkins Caustic Cleaner: High strength low foam CIP caustic cleaner
  • Hawkins Caustic Cleaner 70: Mid strength low foam CIP caustic cleaner 70% of high strength
  • Sodium Percarbonate: The main ingredient in powdered brewer wash and dry oxygen cleaners
  • Hawkins Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner:  High foaming cleaner with bleach
  • Hawkins Beverage Equipment Cleaner: Foaming alkaline cleaner for the exterior of equipment
  • Hawkins Beverage Equipment Brightener: Blended acid cleaner and metal brightener – high foam
  • Hawkins Rinse Aid: Clean sheeting final rinse with chelating agents to keep minerals/metals in solution



  • Chill-Pro: Food Grade, Inhibited Propylene Glycol
  • Filter Aid: Diatomaceous Earth


Acidulants – High Purity Food Grade

  • Citric Acid Dry 15-50%: Cleaning, passivating, adjunct for bright crisp finish (lager like) with very little sour
  • Phosphoric Acid 20-75%: Acid cleaning – soda like souring
  • Lactic Acid 50-88%: To replace lactobacillus souring
  • Malic Acid Dry 50%: For crisp apple at low levels and sour apple at higher levels
  • Acetic Acid 10-99.5%: To replace acetobacter souring
  • Vinegar 300 Grain-30%: Natural acid to replace acetobacter souring
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 10%: Natural acid to replace acetobacter souring


Waste Neutralization

  • Sulfuric Acid: 10-93%
  • Sodium Hydroxide: 10-50%


Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor of chemicals.  We only sell to companies, municipalities, government entities, and not to individuals.
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