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Bioaugmentation Solutions For Municipal, And Industrial Wastewater Systems

Bioaugmentation or biological augmentation is the process of adding bacteria, nutrients, and/or bio-catalysts to benefit and enhance your existing bacterial population. Hawkins’ bio-augmentation products contain selected strains of micro-organisms, nutrients, and stimulants to break down organic pollutants.

Bioaugmentation can be used to address many problems found in wastewater treatment. FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease), Solids, and Odors are the most commonly faced problem areas for WWTP and collection system operators. Many other problems arise from the presence of one, or more, of these problems. Such as: foaming, filamentous breakouts, hauling costs, and citizen complaints.

Hawkins technical experts can review your problem area’s and develop a bacterial treatment plan tailored to your problems. Problems aren’t just covered up, they are eliminated at the source!


Hawkins Total System Approach For Your Unique Needs:

  • Investigate, evaluate and diagnose the current situation
  • Identify the source of the problem
  • Design a plan tailored to your specific needs


Hawkins advanced bioaugmentation solutions are an effective, natural wastewater treatment.

By adding a tailored bioaugmentation solution you accelerate the natural process for very effective results.


Hawkins bioaugmentation products address 3 major problems: FOG (fats, oils and grease), Odors, Solids

The Key Issue: FOG buildup causes lift station problems, narrowing or blockage of sewer lines, noxious odors, and even foaming at the plant. This can lead to higher and higher maintenance and operational costs.

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) build up is the leading cause of sewer blockages in the United States. These blockages can lead to backups into residential and commercial properties. Effective FOG management in collection systems has many benefits downstream to the plant and to city staff. Fewer callouts, less manual cleaning, and more effective treatment of wastewater at the plant.

The Solution: Hawkins’ total system approach will tailor a treatment plan for your unique needs.

bio augmentation for liftstations

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    Collection System Benefits:

    • Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide odor issues
    • Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide corrosion issues
    • Eliminate or reduce fats, oils and grease accumulation

    Down Stream Wastewater Treatment Plant Benefits:

    • Lower BOD loading due to less organics reaching WWTP
    • Increase plant throughput per unit time
    • Reduce sludge generated by WWTP
    • Decrease turbidity
    • Improve settle-ability
    • Improve plant operations