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Providing Corrosion, Scale and Biofilm Control Products & Service To Help You Stay In Compliance

Hawkins provides innovative products and specialized service delivered by industry experts.  Lead and Copper Rule compliance, scale and colored water control are growing concerns in Potable Water production.

At Hawkins we can analyze your water and prescribe a custom corrosion control water treatment program tailored to your specific needs.

These water treatment corrosion control products are specifically manufactured to combat corrosion, scale and biofilm.  We tailor water treatment corrosion control products based on your specific water characteristics within your municipal potable water systems.  We carry a very wide range of products and custom blends so we can deliver a facility specific treatment program.

Some of these products include:

  • Zinc Orthophosphates
  • Poly/Orthophosphates
  • Orthophosphates
  • Silicates

Our local, technical experts are trained to help you optimize your current system with a customized process tailored to your facility.  This ensures you stay in compliance with the EPA Lead and Copper Rule.  Treatment recommendations are verified by our Hawkins’ WatSim program.  Hawkins’ WatSim (Water Simulation) laboratory analysis provides a more complete picture of problems and potential problems confronting a water system.

Hawkins proprietary water treatment corrosion control technology and the individualized treatment programs provide superior corrosion and scale control!

Hawkins lead and copper corrosion control products are ideal for achieving compliance.

We supply the water treatment corrosion control products that prevent lead from leaching into the water.  Lead could be in the plumbing or in the lead solder used in the system.  Copper is also common within a water system. Hawkins can help you stay in compliance with EPA Lead and Copper regulations.

Lead in your water at elevated rates could have potentially harmful effects.  The goal of corrosion control programs is not only to reduce the corrosion of distribution mains but also to minimize the release of lead and copper from residential plumbing fixtures.

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Scale, Colored Water and Biofilm Control Products

Hawkins carries a full product line of Poly/Orthophosphate Blends.

Challenges Hawkins’ Poly/Orthophosphate Blends Can Help You Overcome:

  • Colored water issues, staining of sinks and tubs, dirty laundry, hazy water appearance
  • Water appearance results in public complaints to Water Producers Utility Managers and Operators experience a lose of time and money to handle complaints
  • Jar studies with filtration provides target visual performance tied to product selection and optimized dosing rates. Visual impact of filter results provide proof of findings.
  • Jar studies combined with on-site data collection and testing to calculate 5 different Saturation Indices. Hawkins WATSIM program provides data specific to each application and allows for custom recommendations based on each sites specific needs.

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About Hawkins’ WatSim (Water Simulation) Laboratory Analysis:

Hawkins’ WatSim (Water Simulation) allows a water treatment professional to evaluate the corrosion and scale potential for common scalants over the range of water chemistry, temperature, and pH anticipated in a system.

Hawkins’ WatSim was developed to allow a water treatment professional to readily evaluate the solubility of lead and copper, and scale potential for common scalants over the broadest of operating ranges without the necessity for tedious manual calculations  for the Langelier saturation index, Ryznar stability index, Puckorius equilibrium index, Larson’s Ratio, and C.C.P.P.

Verified by our Hawkins’ WatSim in lab program.  Hawkins’ WatSim provides a more complete picture of problems, and potential problems confronting a water treater. With WatSim data a specific, customized solutions can be recommended to ensure accurate water treatment is applied.


About WatSim

Even when all of these common indices are available conflicting results can cloud interpretation of what they are foretelling.  WatSim provides additional information in the form of sophisticated ion association model saturation levels.

WatSim allows a water treater to review popular, sophisticated, and some less known indicators relatively painlessly to develop a more complete picture of problems, and potential problems confronting a water treater.  A more precise solution can then be determined.

Chemical Feed Equipment

For more information on chemical feed equipment used by the Water Treatment Group, please visit the Equipment Group section.

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