Beverage Solutions

Beer Souring Simplified 

Add 4 new sour beers to your product line!

  • Fruit Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • X Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • Berliner Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)
  • Flanders Souring Blend    (Patent Pending)

No Risk Souring – No Bacteria Involved

Hawkins has simplified the process for making sour beers

Through research, analysis and taste testing we have taken the microbial process for souring beer and reproduced it without the time, risk, and costs that the microbial method of souring adds to the brewing process.

You can now:

  • Shorten batch time
  • Have an easy formulation process
  • Gain cost advantages

Best beer souring blends


Using beer souring blends is an easy way to introduce new beers to your product line.

Hawkins Inc. is a key supplier of Beer Souring Agents.  As a key distributor of Beer Souring Agents Hawkins has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products we supply.

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Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor.  We only sell to companies, municipalities, government entities, and not to individuals.

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