GO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer: Water Disinfection

GO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sanitizer: Water Disinfection


GO2™: A True Stand Alone Sanitizer With No Harmful By-Products


What Is GO2 Chlorine Dioxide?

  • GO2: Chlorine Dioxide is a simple to use, two step kit.
    • A two-component powder kit – Components “A” and “B”
  • Produces 4,000 PPM concentrated Chlorine dioxide
  • Solution 95.0%+ pure
  • Completely soluble in water
  • 100% useable product, no waste
  • True gas solution in water


GO2: Chlorine Dioxide is approved by U.S. EPA and NSF for disinfection of water


GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Main Benefits:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Non-Toxic, Non Corrosive, Odorless, Tasteless
  • Cost effective
  • 260% the oxidizing capacity of chlorine
  • Kills waterborne pathogens
  • Kills airborne pathogens when misted
  • Forms no harmful chlorinated by-products
  • Effective over a broad pH range: 2-10
    • Powerful broad spectrum Oxidizing Biocide
  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity
  • Non-Corrosive – will not harm infrastructure and equipment
  • Prevents and removes bio-film
  • Portable: can have multiple GO2 locations in different areas


GO2: Chlorine Dioxide For Wastewater Treatment

GO2 is effective as both a disinfectant and an oxidant in wastewater treatment. GO2 has several distinct chemical advantages compared to the traditional use of chlorine in wastewater treatment. GO2 does not significantly hydrolyze in water, thus it retains biocidal activity over a broad pH range.

GO2 is non-reactive with ammonia and most nitrogen-containing compounds, and thus is effective at lower dose levels than chlorine. It destroys phenols, simple cyanides and sulfides by oxidation.

For odor control, GO2 will oxidize sulfides without the formation of colloidal sulfur. It is also used to oxidize iron and manganese compounds.


Water treatment plant sanitizer GO2

GO2 is the New Advanced Delivery System for Chlorine Dioxide that makes it easy for you to use and does not require special equipment.

GO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) Is The Perfect Disinfectant For Your Needs. A Sanitizer With No Harmful By-Products

Make Your Life Easier With GO2 

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    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide For Municipal Water

    GO2 (CLO2) is 10-times more powerful in its disinfection strength than standard Chlorine. GO2 addresses specific disinfection tasks that Chlorine cannot accomplish and has a far longer effective life. In addition, to purifying drinking water, GO2 also removes biofilm in water pipes, tanks and distribution systems. Chlorine does not address this important issue.

    Unlike Chlorine, GO2 has no known negative side effects. 1 ppm GO2 delivers the same disinfecting power as 10 ppm Chlorine. The dilution factor plays an important role in safety and cost comparison. Additionally, GO2 is harmless, whereas Chlorine is dangerous to use and has harmful side effects on human, animal, plant and marine health.  GO2 is US NSF-60 approved.


    water treatment


    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Key Features

    • Eliminates microbial slime and prevent its reformation in drinking water and process water systems
    • Reduces equipment needs and maintenance costs
    • Improves water quality
    • 2 simple powers mixed in tap water produces pure CIO2 at 95% efficiency of conversions
    • Environmentally safe chemistry
    • Easy, safe and effective to use, store and transport
    • Very Competitive use cost when compared to traditional treatments
    • GO2 eliminates the need for a conventional ClO2 Generator (approximately US $10,000)
    • Does not react to water to form hypochlorous acid. No “free chlorine”
    • No harmful By Products. Environmentally friendly
    • Unlike chlorine, GO2 does not react with ammonia, ammonium or other organic compounds
    • Non corrosive to systems, pipes, pumps, filters, equipment


    water treatment plant sanitizers



    In existing water distribution systems, the distribution pipes are permanently contaminated with biofilm. The biofilm consists of two layers. There is a hard layer compacted against the inner wall of the distribution pipe. Within the hard layer is a soft biofilm layer. The soft layer deposits flakes of biofilm into the water current. The biofilm deposits block piping systems, drinking water nozzles and cleaning sprays, etc. Chlorine does not eliminate, or even inhibit, the growth of biofilm.

    Tests with GO2 showed that the inner thin layer of the biofilm was 100% removed after 7 days. The hard layer requires 60 to 120 days to remove, depending on the thickness of accumulation. In all cases the hard layer is completely removed. The process of decontamination is completely safe and has no adverse side effects.


    Special Features of GO2: Chlorine Dioxide

    • Does not react in water to form toxic by products
    • Kills water-borne micro-organisms and spore forming bacteria
    • A wide range of uses. A powerful
      • Virucide
      • Bacteriacide
      • Protocide
      • Algaecide
      • Fungicide
    • Non-corrosive to equipment, surfaces, seals, materials
    • Portable, can generate even in the most remote areas

    Hawkins is where to buy Chlorine Dioxide (GO2). Hawkins is a Chlorine Dioxide supplier. As a Chlorine Dioxide distributor Hawkins distributes Chlorine Dioxide to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. We are always looking for ways to help our customers improve their processes and GO2 is an Advanced Delivery System for Chlorine Dioxide.  Make your life easier with the GO2 Chlorine Dioxide system.

    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Applications in Food Industry

    • Product Rinse Lines and Treatment
    • Product Belt Treatment
    • Product Flume/ Spray/ Dip Treatment
    • Brine Treatment
    • Water Make-up for Ice Generator
    • Conveyor Treatment for Slime Cleaning and Extended Runs
    • Case or Package Rinsing With Treated Water


    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Key Features

    • Eliminates microbial slime and prevents its reformation in drinking water and process water systems
    • Environmentally safe chemistry
    • Reduces equipment needs and maintenance costs


    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Provides

    • 100% biofilm removal and control
    • A ”single product” disinfectant for equipment, hard surfaces, instruments
    • Safe to use, transport and store
    • Does not produce harmful by-products


    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide Eliminates

    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
    • Spores
    • Mold
    • Odors


    Disinfection Control In Oil Wells And Petroleum Systems

    GO2 is effective in the remediation of bacterial and sulfide contamination commonly found in oil field production, injection and disposal fluids. Sulfides are formed by the metabolism of anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria found in oil well water handling systems. These sulfides react with iron to form insoluble iron sulfide, which together with the bacterial slime act as plugging agents. The sulfides can also result in sour crude oil which is of lower quality and more expensive to refine.


    oil rig sunrise


    Application Areas

    GO2 is used for two purposes in this application:

    1. As a chemical oxidant to oxidize the sulfides to sulfates, thus preventing the formation of colloidal sulfur or iron sulfide which can plug the well
    2. As a biocide to kill the bacteria which produces the sulfides. Performance of GO2 is unaffected by pH or by the presence of other organic materials.


    GO2: Chlorine Dioxide For Soil Remediation

    Soil remediation using GO2 chlorine dioxide generated onsite can be used to oxidize organically contaminated aqueous waste streams, in addition to simple and complex cyanide in water, soil, or sludge.

    Chlorine dioxide is an ideal oxidizing agent because it chemically alters contaminants to salts and non-toxic organic acids. This is applicable to aqueous wastes, soils, or any solid application contaminated with organic compounds. This includes applications to soil and ground water contaminated with pesticides or cyanide, sludges containing cyanide,  pentachlorophenol, or other organics, and industrial waste water similar to refinery wastewater.

    Since chlorine dioxide reacts via direct oxidation, the process does not form undesirable trihalomethanes (such as what chlorine bleach forms).


    Applications for Soil Remediation with GO2

    • Cyanide
    • Sulfides
    • Phenols
    • Aldehydes
    • Thm Precursors
    • Pesticides
    • Algae
    • Slime
    • Reduced Sulfur
    • Nematodes