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Mining Water Treatment Chemicals

Addressing Today’s Challenges & Minimizing The Impact Of Mining

Water Treatment Solutions For:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Tailings management
  • Dust control
  • Advanced dewatering
  • Improved recovery of leached
  • Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)
  • Pond treatment
  • Thickener treatment
  • Corrosion control in mining process systems
  • Process water


Water Treatment for mining is critical in maintaining compliance to:

  • Environmental policies
  • Industry standards
  • Government Regulations

The mining industry faces many challenges and issues relating to the use of water and the impact of exploration, extraction and residue management, on the environment.

These include minimizing reagent consumption and maximizing mineral recovery by improving the rate and degree to which solid liquid separation takes place in thickening applications.

Hawkins & BASF have a distribution agreement so we can provide you with proven water treatment solutions for mining to effectively solve your water treatment issues.




Mining Water Treatment Products:

BASF’s Rheomax® DR range of flocculants create a high density and more robust aggregate compared to conventional products, which are effective on a wide variety of mineral ore types.

This change in aggregate shape allows for faster consolidation, high underflow densities and low underflow yield stress.

Rheomax® DR advanced flocculants have demonstrated the following benefits to solid liquid separation processes by enabling improvements to be made to thickener throughput, underflow density and yield stress.

The Rheomax® DR range of products produce an underflow with a lower yield stress, which is more tolerant to fluctuations in solids content and applied shear, resulting in a more consistent thickener performance over a wide range of operating parameters.

Benefits Delivered By Increased Throughput:


  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Operate at higher feedwell solids


  • Tolerate greater feedwell fluctuations
  • Underflow solids compact faster

Benefits Delivered By Increased Underflow Density:


  • Improved recovery of leached metal
  • Improved recovery of concentrate


  • Increased CCD washing efficiency


  • Improved recovery of water
  • Reduced volume of tails to residue
  • Reduced residue footprint
  • Reduced residue rehabilitation time

Benefits Delivered By Reduced Underflow Yield Stress:


  • Run at higher underflow densities
  • Improved leaching kinetics
  • Reduced energy consumption


  • Reduced rake torque
  • Improved thickener efficiency

BASF’s Magnafloc® range of flocculants and coagulants are used extensively whenever the extraction process uses water or lixiviants to aid mineral and metal recovery. In thickeners and clarifiers, the products are designed to enhance settling rates, improve clarities and reduce underflow volumes. When used in filtration processes, Magnafloc® reagents increase filtration rates and yields, as well as reducing cake moisture contents.

Magnafloc® flocculants and coagulants have a broad applicability throughout the industry and are available in a wide variety of product forms, including powder, bead, solution and liquid dispersion.

BASF’s Zetag® Flocculant Technology – advanced dewatering performance For many years cationic polyacrylamide flocculants have been used in the sludge dewatering process. Optimizing the dewatered biosolids is essential to maintain the sustainability and efficiency of the process.

  • Optimized solid/liquid separation process
  • Excellent sludge dewatering results

BASF’s Burst®  A wide range of specialty surfactants used to assist in cleaning applications as wetting agents, anti-foams and emulsifier/dispersing agents.

BASF’s Antiprex®  A wide range of chelating agents,  organic acids, and anti-scalants.

BASF’s Magnasol® flocculants and coagulants can be supplied as liquids or in a solid block form and are ideally suited for remote locations where electricity is not available and hence can reduce or eliminate the use of flocculant and coagulant make-up equipment.

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Mining Water Treatment 

BASF Product List:

Alamine® 308 Solvent Extraction Reagent

Alamine® 304-1 Solvent Extraction Reagent

Alamine® 336 Solvent Extraction Reagent

Aliquat® 336 Phase Transfer Catalyst

Alcotac® FE14 Base polymer employed in the preparation of organic binder for iron ore pelletisation

Alcotac® CB11 Binder for mineral agglomeration

Alcotac® CB9 Binder for mineral agglomeration

Alclar® HP20 Synthetic flocculant for red mud

LIX® 622N Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 8180 Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 84-IC Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 860N-IC Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 84-I Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 684N-LV Solvent Extraction Reagent

LIX® 63 Solvent Extraction Reagent

Magnafloc® 1011 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 333 Nonionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 919 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 156 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 351  Nonionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 155 Anionic flocculant

Magnasol® AN1 Anionic flocculant block

Magnafloc® 338 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 24 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 5250 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 336 Anionic flocculant

Magnafloc® 10 Anionic flocculant

Rheomax® ETD 9005 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® ETD 9035 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® ETD 9055 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® ETD 9050 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® 9060 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® ETD 9070 Anionic polymer for enhanced tailings disposal (ETD)

Rheomax® DR 1050  Anionic polymer

Rheomax® DR 1040 Anionic polymer

Rheomax® DR 1030 Anionic polymer

Rheomax® DR 1010 Anionic polymer


Innovative Solutions For Tailings Management

BASF’s RHEOMAX® ETD (Enhanced Tailings Disposal) is a method of tailings management in which novel technology is used to change and control the structural and drainage properties of mineral processing residues.

Tailings thickeners generate high-density underflows with high yield stress, which are often pumped long distances to a final tailings impoundment area. The tailings are then deposited, dried and eventually rehabilitated.

The RHEOMAX® ETD process is able to rigidify tailings at the point of disposal by initiating instantaneous water release from the treated slurry. This accelerates the drying time of the tailings, results in a smaller tailings footprint and allows the released water to be returned to the process faster.

This treatment has been found to be effective in improving tailings properties from a wide cross-section of industries, including Alumina, Copper, Nickel, Gold, Iron Ore, Mineral Sands, Oil Sands and Copper.

Benefits Delivered By Rigidifying Tailings Section

  • Maximize life of disposal area
  • Lower insurance costs


  • Slurry placement control
  • No re-working of deposit required


  • Co-disposal of coarse and fine material
  • Faster trafficable surface

Benefits Delivered By Improved Water Release

  • Reduced evaporative losses


  • Increased volume for recycling
  • Remove fines contamination


  • Reduced fresh water requirement

Benefits Delivered By Reduced Footprint

  • Lower land management cost
  • Less mobile equipment
  • Lower rehabilitation costs


  • Quicker rehabilitation time
  • Lower energy consumption

BASF’s Alclar® Crystal Growth Modifiers

Alclar® crystal growth modifiers stabilize unwanted organic impurities that are present in the pregnant liquor.

Benefits include:

  • Improves alumina trihydrate precipitation
  • Promotes the growth of alumina crystals


BASF’s Alamine® Range Of Solvent Extractants

Uranium solvent extraction is accomplished using Alamine® 336 (a mixed C8/C10 tertiary amine) and an alcohol solvation modifier in a kerosene dilutent.

Benefits include

  • Selectivity for uranium over other metals and minerals (e. g. vanadium, molybdenum, zirconia, cobalt and gold)
  • Proven technology, used for over 50 years

Additional Extraction Chemistry:

  • COBALT – Cobalt extraction from chloride leach solutions using Alamine® 308
  • VANADIUM – Vanadium extraction using Alamine® 336
  • PLATINUM – Platinum separation from PGMs using Alamine® 336 and Aliquat® 336
  • PALLADIUM – Palladium separation from PGMs using LIX® 84-A
  • MOLYBDENUM – Molybdenum extraction using Alamine® 304-1
  • GERMANIUM – Germanium solvent extraction using LIX® 63
  • RHENIUM – Rhenium solvent extraction using Aliquat® 336 or Alamine® reagents



Hawkins also has Hydrogen Peroxide – Available in multiple sizes, concentrations, grades and easily used in most delivery systems


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