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Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride General Characteristics:

Appearance: Dark brown liquid

Chemical Formula: FeCl3

CAS #: 7705-08-0

Molecular Weight: 162.2


Ferric Chloride Additional Information:

Certification/Approval: Ferric Chloride meets or exceeds all AWWA standards for liquid ferric chloride. Ferric Chloride is ANSI/NSF Standard 60 and is certified for use in potable water treatment up to 250 mg/l.

Ferric Chloride Dosing: Ferric Chloride should be fed straight. No dilution or preparation is required. A diaphragm, metering pump of non-corrosive material is suitable.

Handling/Safety: The handling of any chemical requires care. Anyone responsible for using or handling Ferric Chloride should familiarize themselves with the full safety precautions outlined in our Safety Data Sheet.

Ferric Chloride Storage: Storage tanks and piping should be constructed of suitable material such as fiberglass, or cross-linked polyethylene. Ferric Chloride is highly corrosive and contact with metal equipment must be avoided. As with any chemical, it is recommended to clean the storage tank every 1-2 years.




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