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Hydrofluosilicic Acid

Hydrofluosilicic Acid 23-25%

Hydrofluosilicic Acid 23-25% General Characteristics:

Appearance: Clear, colorless to light yellow solution.

Odor: Pungent

Chemical Formula: H2SiF6

CAS #: 16961-83-4

Molecular Weight: 144.09


Hydrofluosilicic Acid 23-25%  Additional Information:

Drinking Water Certification: NSF/ANSI Std. 60 Approved

Hydrofluosilicic Acid 23-25%  Max Use Level (mg/L): 6

Hydrofluosilicic Acid 23-25% Storage/Handling Recommendations: Hawkins, Inc. recommends the storage/handling of hydrofluosilicic acid to be in accordance with AWWA B703 – Fluorosilicic Acid.




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