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Chill-Pro HD – Tailored Heat Transfer Fluid Solution Ideal For Closed-Loop HVAC Systems.

Chill-Pro HD (Heavy Duty) Uses Industrial Grade Inhibitors. It’s A Propylene Glycol Customized For Your Operation.

Exceptional Propylene Glycol Products And Superior Service — Now That’s A Winning Formula.

Hawkins’ unique combination of technical expertise and nimble support gives our customers a decided edge in HVAC performance. We work closely with our partners to create inhibited propylene glycol formulas and support plans that optimize their systems and keep them running without interruption. We’ll do the same for you — creating and implementing your ideal Chill-Pro HD formula with the speed and efficiency you need to operate at peak performance and stay ahead of trouble.


Fast & Efficient

Hawkins world-class lab and tech support quickly formulates our ready-to-use inventory to the specific concentrations you need. No one else provides such perfect propylene glycol formulas or employs them with so much speed.

Partner with Hawkins and you’ll quickly see we deliver the best of both worlds: the perfect inhibited propylene glycol formulas for your needs and the kind of responsiveness you’ve always wanted. You can be confident we’ll match or exceed the quality of any available formulations.

You can also be certain we’ll provide faster and more comprehensive support. It’s a combination unmatched in the industry.


Enhanced corrosion protection you can trust

Chill-Pro HD propylene glycol is specially formulated to provide nonfood HVAC systems with superior corrosion protection for most metals, including brass, cast aluminum, cast iron, copper, solder, and steel.


Testing, ongoing sampling and peace of mind

Our initial testing will determine what you need for inhibitors, followed by ongoing sampling that tracks fluid changes and allows us to make adjustments that optimize efficiency and preempt failure.


Multiple packaging options

Hawkins is where to buy inhibited propylene glycol. Hawkins carries propylene glycol in bulk and in multiple packaging options as well as customized formulas for your exact needs.

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Your reliable, domestic supplier of propylene glycol.  Hawkins has been serving customers for over 80 years. We have a dedicated team ready to assist you with all your chemical needs.  Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor of chemicals. We only sell to companies, municipalities, government entities, and not to individuals.

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    Propylene Glycol Product Features

    • Virtually odorless
    • Clear, water white liquid appearance
    • Diluted; easily mixes with water
    • Available in plastic drums, plastic totes, and in bulk
    • Dye options available
    • Custom blending

    Let us formulate the perfect solution for you.  Hawkins is committed to bringing you the ideal chemistry and service you need to succeed. Please give us a call and let’s talk about how Chill-Pro can make a difference for you.

    ChillPro Chart

    Excellence Wherever You Need It.

    Formulated with increased alkalinity and corrosion inhibitors, Chilll-Pro HD is the ideal choice for freeze/burst and corrosion protection in water-based, closed-loop HVAC systems. It also excels in a broad range of applications:

    • Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems
    • Ground source heat pumps
    • Hydronic heating systems
    • Heat recovery
    • Solar heating
    • Sidewalk snow melt systems
    • Radiant floor heating
    • Conveyor roller defrosting
    • Refrigeration coil defrosting
    • Cold room dehumidifying
    • Controlled temperature batch processing
    • Refrigeration
    • Immersion freezing
    • Process chilling
    • Fermentation cooling
    • Ice skating rinks

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