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Legionella Warning

Legionella bacteria are found in water systems with a general temperature range of 68°F to 120°F. Cooling towers, evaporator condensers and water systems can be an active growing environment for the Legionella bacteria.  You have to be forever vigilant and diligently take precautions to minimize Legionella contamination in water systems


Here’s How Hawkins Can Help

OXI-King™ Water Treatment System:

  1. OxiKing™/OxiKing™BromPac utilizes BCDMH halogen microbiocide. A great tool in the war against Legionella
  2. Saves you valuable time with pre-filled, no touch Oxi-King™ Brom Pacs – Significantly reduces bromine dust
  3. OxiKing™/OxiKing™BromPac vastly improves safety and ease of use for service personnel, facility operators and the environment!

Legionella Treatment Brom Pac


Benefits Of This Bromine Based Chemistry For Legionella

  • Quick, universal installation works with multiple applications
  • Easy to use. Easy to handle
  • Proprietary solid oxidizing biocide delivery system provides simple water treatment for industrial and commercial applications
  • Broad spectrum, bromine based chemistry provides optimal microbiological control including Legionella pneumophila
  • Pre-filled bromine pacs significantly reduce hazardous material handling concerns
  • 10 setting control dial ensures easy feed rate adjustments
  • Controls system fouling
  • Saves you valuable time with pre-filled, no touch Oxi-King™ Brom Pacs – Significantly reduces bromine dust
  • Easier for employees to handle. Facility-friendly

EASY TO USE:   The Oxi-King feeder takes very little time to install and is designed to work on a variety of applications. It’s pre-filled bromine pacs are long lasting and very easy to replace when empty with no accidental spills or needing to measure out the right amount

EASY TO HANDLE:  Oxi-King’s pacs are easily portable and take up less storage space than large bulk drums.  Brom Pac’s are pre-filled so no chance of spilling.  This facility friendly system also offers less handling for the service tech by significantly reducing the weight they have to transport from truck to application. No more heavy lifting of bromine pails to fill brominators or partial pails sitting around.

EASY TO REGULATE:  The Oxi-King feeder has an erosion design and a precise metering dial that limits how much bromine gets wet at one time which makes it much easier to maintain a consistent output. Ten unique settings and the option of bleeding the air for more output offer greater flexibility from a single system.

“It saves me time for other maintenance work because it only takes about 1/4th of the time to change compared to the bulk brominators”

“This is much better than lugging buckets upstairs to equipment room”

OXI KING Legionella Treatment


What would happen if it was determined your cooling tower was responsible for a legionella outbreak?

What would you do?

How would you handle it?

Who would you call?

Best water treatment for Legionella


Proper Legionella Water Treatment Protects:

  • Protects the people in your area.
  • Protects your organization/company/building owners
  • Protects your organization’s reputation


Keep Your Water Safe

We can help you keep your cooling towers free from legionella.

  • Easier to use! No refilling brominators!
  • Saves valuable time with patented pre-filled granulated BCDMH cartridge!
  • No bromine dust! No clean up! No spillage! No offensive odors!
  • Safer for service personnel to handle! You do NOT come in contact with the BCDMH!
  • Quick universal installation works in a multitude of applications!

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    Great Resources from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

    What Owners and Managers of Buildings and Healthcare Facilities Need to Know about Legionella Water Management Programs:

    Prevention with Water Management Programs:

    Toolkit:  https://www.cdc.gov/legionella/downloads/toolkit.pdf

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