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e(Lm)inate – Hawkins’ Certified Organic,  Buffered, Liquid & Dry Vinegar

Why choose e(Lm)inate® V, Buffered, Liquid Vinegar and e(Lm)inate® V-Dry, Buffered, Dry Vinegar

  • Because It’s Certified Organic
  • It’s A Proven Pathogen Control
  • Consumer-Friendly, Clean Label

Hawkins is where to buy buffered, Dry Vinegar and buffered, Liquid Vinegar.

  • Hawkins carries high purity, food grade buffered, Dry Vinegar and Liquid Vinegar
  • Consumers want and are actively looking for clean label ingredients.

The Answer To Your Clean Label Needs Is Simple, It’s Vinegar.

Everyone knows about vinegar. It’s easy to understand and consumer friendly.  In addition, vinegar is a proven antimicrobial.

e(Lm)Inate® V, Buffered, Liquid Vinegar and e(Lm)Inate® V-Dry, Buffered, Dry Vinegar – Perfect for your clean label needs.

Hawkins is a food grade, buffered, dry vinegar and food grade, buffered, liquid vinegar supplier. As a dry vinegar and liquid vinegar distributor Hawkins distributes dry vinegar and liquid vinegar to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on Hawkins for a consistent and cost-effective supply of food grade, dry vinegar and liquid vinegar. Hawkins has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the dry vinegar and the liquid vinegar we supply.

For a reliable, consistent source of food grade, buffered, dry vinegar and food grade, buffered, liquid vinegar, contact Hawkins for a quote for dry vinegar and liquid vinegar.

As a domestic supplier we can help you reduce supply chain disruptions.  Our domestic operations can respond quickly to your needs.  Hawkins have been focused on our customers for over 80 years.  We have a broad infrastructure, technical and logistics expertise to help you reach your goals.  At Hawkins we’re committed to your success.

Custom blending is also available through Hawkins.

Food ingredients supplier and distributor

For a reliable, domestic source you can trust, contact us today!

Hawkins is a business-to-business supplier, manufacturer, blender, and distributor of ingredients. We only sell to companies and not to individuals.

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