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Monopotassium Phosphate 22% – Food Grade

Manufacturer, Supplier And Distributor   CAS #: 7778-77-0

Hawkins is where to buy Monopotassium Phosphate.   Hawkins carries high purity, food grade Monopotassium Phosphate.  Monopotassium Phosphate is available in multiple package sizes.

  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid.
  • Chemical Formula: KH2PO4
  • Molecular Weight: 136.09
  • CAS #: 7778-77-0


Allergen Status:  This Monopotassium Phosphate product does not contain any of the known allergens including celery, milk products, eggs, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish and shellfish.

BSE/TSE Status: Product does not contain, nor is produced with any animal products or any material of animal origin, and does not contain BSE/TSE.

Country of Origin: Monopotassium Phosphate is manufactured in the United States.

Gluten Status: Product is gluten-free.

GMO Status: This Monopotassium Phosphate product does not contain genetically-modified organisms nor are genetically-modified organisms used in its manufacture.

Halal Status: This Monopotassium Phosphate product is certified Halal.

Kosher Status: This Monopotassium Phosphate product is certified Kosher-Pareve.

Primary Packaging Materials: Monopotassium Phosphate 22% is available in bulk.


Hawkins Inc. is a Monopotassium Phosphate 22% supplier. As a Monopotassium Phosphate distributor Hawkins supplies Monopotassium Phosphate to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on Hawkins for a consistent and cost-effective supply of  Monopotassium Phosphate. Hawkins has a team dedicated to ensuring the quality of the Monopotassium Phosphate we supply.

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