Food Grade Potassium Lactate Supplier & Distributor

Liquid Potassium Lactate – UltraLac KL60

Manufacturer Supplier And Distributor   CAS#: 85895-78-9

Hawkins is where to buy Potassium Lactate wholesale.   Hawkins is a domestic company and carries high purity, food grade Potassium Lactate.  We also carry food grade Potassium Lactate in in bulk and in multiple packaging sizes. Potassium Lactate is commonly used in the food industry as a humectant, microbial inhibitor and flavor enhancer.

At Hawkins all food grade chemicals are treated with maximum care and process management to ensure the highest quality of our food-grade chemicals.  From manufacturing to transportation and handling of food-grade chemicals Hawkins has quality systems in place to deliver the chemicals you need.  Hawkins maintains an advanced supply chain and tracking systems so you can depend on the quality and condition of your food grade Potassium Lactate when it arrives.


Liquid Potassium Lactate 60% – Food Grade

Ultralac KL -60  (Potassium Lactate 60%)  General Characteristics:

  • Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid.
  • Chemical Formula: C3H5Ko3
  • Molecular Weight: 128.17
  • CAS#: 85895-78-9 (General: 996-31-6)

Allergen Status: Product does not contain any of the known allergens including dairy, egg, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish.

Country of Origin: Ultralac KL -60 (Potassium Lactate 60%) is manufactured in the United States.

GMO Status: This Ultralac KL -60 (Potassium Lactate 60%) product is manufactured with materials that are derived from genetically modified crops but are highly refined. During the course of processing, any genetically modified DNA is denatured, degraded or removed and cannot be detected in measurable amounts.

GRAS Status: Product is considered “GRAS” (Generally Recognized as Safe) under FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Title 21.

Kosher Status: This Ultralac KL -60 (Potassium Lactate 60%) product is certified Kosher-Pareve.

Halal Status: Product is certified Halal.



Hawkins Inc. is a Ultralac KL -60 (Potassium Lactate 60%)  supplier. As an Ultralac KL -60 (Potassium Lactate 60%) distributor Hawkins Potassium Lactate to various companies for a variety of applications and uses. Our customers depend on Hawkins for a consistent and cost-effective supply of  Potassium Lactate.   Hawkins has a team dedicated to ensuring quality of the Potassium Lactate we supply.

For a reliable, domestic source you can trust, contact us today!

Hawkins is a business-to-business, Potassium Lactate supplier. For over 80 years we have been a manufacturer, blender, and distributor of ingredients. We only sell to companies and not to individuals.

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