Diammonium EDTA, 45% Supplier & Distributor

Diammonium EDTA, 45%

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Diammonium EDTA, 45%:  Aqueous Chelating Agent– AQUA HAWK AQ-2 is a 45% by weight aqueous solution of diammonium ethylenediaminetetracetate ((NH4)4EDTA).

AQUA HAWK AQ-2 is used to descale equipment in electrical power generation, chemical processing, refineries and other industrial plant applications when mineral and organic acids pose corrosion problems.  AQ-2 also has applications in removal of heavy metals in soil remediation, and to sequester minerals in process water to prevent scaling.  Diammonium EDTA solutions are also used in the two-stage one-solvent technique for removal of iron and copper deposits.

Diammonium EDTA

Technical Specifications
Specific Gravity (25 C)          1.21
  Active content (%)   45
  pH value   4.6 – 5.5
  Freezing point   0° F
  Appearance Transparent, light yellow liquid
  Odor Ammonia odor

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