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AquaHawk Simplicity

Ultra-Concentrated Water Treatment for Boiler and Cooling Tower Issues

AquaHawk Simplicity products are highly concentrated, performance-enhanced products that represent the latest
anti-scalant, anti-fouling, corrosion inhibiting ingredients for industrial boiler, cooling, and closed loop systems.

Ultra-Concentrated Water Treatment For Boiler And Cooling Tower Issues



This system features a more efficient use of chemical, labor, freight, cost containment and environmental impact:

  • Easy to use. Easy to handle
  • A reduced container size
  • Less plastic is used and all containers and boxes can be recycled
  • Eliminate moving and storing heavy drums
  • The No-Touch System eliminates the potential for spills and improves worker safety
  • No water is required to dissolve the products
  • There are no dispenser pressure settings to be adjusted




Simple and Easy Way To Control Scale Deposits and Biological Fouling

  • Container size is much smaller, making them much easier to handle and apply
  • You’ll never have big, bulky drums crowding your mechanical room again
  • The self-contained system means you never have to touch the chemical. Just invert, capture and use


AquaHawk Simplicity Ultra-Concentrated  Water Treatment

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AquaHawk Simplicity
Ultra-Concentrate Boiler and Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Effective and efficient.
Safe and simple to use.



Cooling Water:

Aqua Hawk CW-121
(Stressed Cooling Water Treatment)

Aqua Hawk CW-123
(Stressed Cooling Water w/Mo)

Aqua Hawk CS-210
(All Organic Chilled Water Treatment)

Bellacide 303
(Concentrated TTPC/WSCP Blend –Non Oxidizing)

Bellacide 350
(Concentrated TTPC – Non Oxidizing)

(Liquid Total Halogen Oxidizer)

(Liquid Free Halogen Oxidizer)

BromMax® 7.1
(Liquid Free Halogen Oxidizer)




Boiler Water:

Aqua Hawk Oxy-372
(Reducing Agent Oxygen Control)

Aqua Hawk BW-383
(Polymer Based Transport Treatment)

Aqua Hawk BW-385
(All N One Reducing Agent Based Treatment)

Aqua Hawk BW-386
(Humidification RA Treatment – No Amine)

Aqua Hawk BW-388
(Hot Water-Aluminum Boiler Treatment)

Aqua Hawk BW-400
(Reducing Agent Boiler Lay Up Treatment)

Aqua Hawk STL-398
(Neutralizing Amine & PolyAmine Blend)

Aqua Hawk STL-399
(Neutralizing Amine & Volatile Alcohol)


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