Water Treatment For Boilers & Heating Systems

Water Treatment For Boilers & Heating Systems

Chemical and equipment solutions for:


  • Oxygen control
  • Internal treatment
  • Condensate treatment
  • Controlling equipment

Reverse Osmosis

  • Biological / oxidization
  • Dechlorination
  • Antiscalants

Closed Loops

Water Treatment Equipment

  • Pumps
  • Controllers
  • Monitoring probes
  • Service


Your Pipes May Look Good On The Outside

best boiler pipes water treatment


But Are You Protecting Them On The Inside?

water treatment for scale clogged pipes


Boiler Room Water Treatment

Keep Your System Free From Scale And Corrosion

Boiler system corrosion, scale and sludge can cause restricted circulation, pitting and thinning of pipe that can lead to leaks and tube failures.  All of which can significantly reducing your boilers efficiency and reliability. Boiler water treatment is necessary for the removal or chemical modification of substances that are potentially damaging to the boiler and to maintain the health of the system.

Boiler Ultra-Concentrated Water Treatment

This easy to use, easy to handle system features a more efficient use of chemical, labor, and freight.

Click on the link below to find out more of this innovative solution that could make your life incredibly easy when dealing with boiler water treatment chemicals.

Simplicity Dispenser Ultra Concentrated Water Treatment For Boiler And Cooling Tower Issues     AquaHawk Simplicity

AquaHawk Simplicity Ultra Concentrate Boiler And Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Hawkins Can Assist You In Maintaining Optimum Flow:

Start Up Program

  • In-plant training
  • Optimization of chemical feed & control systems

Regular Product Support

  • Review logs
  • Conduct water analysis
  • Inspect equipment
  • Inventory checks
  • Periodic program reviews
  • Written reports
  • Internet-based communication & analysis

Rapid Response

  • On-site response to water problems
  • Maintain a minimum of the full inventory change out for you at the local branch to eliminate any inventory gaps or delays

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    Water Treatment Chemicals:

    • Sodium Hypochlorite
    • Sulfuric acid
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Hydrochloric Acid
    • Peroxyacetic Acid
    • Citric Acid
    • Sodium Bisfulfate
    • Clearitas 401

    Best water treatment for boilers

    Additional Water Treatment Chemicals