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Aqua Hawk DustX  – The Gold Standard in Dust Control

With Aqua Hawk DustX you’ll say goodbye to dust clouds and the problems associated with excessive dust.

DustX is a very effective road dust controller that will help with regulatory requirements, protect your personnel, improve air quality, reduce wear and tear on equipment and help reduce neighbor complaints about excessive dust.


Key Benefits Of Aqua Hawk DustX Road Dust Control

The benefits to be realized with a well-executed Aqua Hawk DustX program when compared to water alone or other road dust control programs include:

  • Improved road safety
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced road maintenance – grading
  • Reduction in labor costs (water trucks)
  • Reduction in truck maintenance costs
  • Reduction in fuel costs
  • Cleaner and safer work environments for employees
  • Happier neighbors – eliminating bad press and complaints
  • Elimination of government permit violations



Stop Using Calcium And Magnesium Chloride Salts!

  • Calcium and magnesium chloride salts have a corrosive nature
  • Runoff from calcium and magnesium chloride salts has a negative effect on waterways due to their high chloride concentrations which can cause vegetation kill and upset the ecological balance


Aqua Hawk DustX Road Dust Control Is A Better Alternative

  • Green chemistry, derived from agricultural products that are renewable, has both humectant and binding characteristics. This helps provide long-term dust control with a single application
  • Aqua Hawk DustX is not a calcium or magnesium chloride-based product and is not highly corrosive to vehicles
  • Aqua Hawk DustX will not significantly raise the conductivity and TDS of run-off water as will chloride based road dust control products
  • Aqua Hawk DustX is a concentrated product that is mixed with water and applied as a solution using common road watering equipment




Aqua Hawk DustX Road Dust Control Spray Application:

It’s recommended that DustX users implement a slight mechanical alteration to a typical gravity deluge type water truck. Best results are achieved when a pressurized and controlled spray pattern is implemented. This form of application provides:

  • Better penetration of the product into the road surface
  • Complete control of the application rate of the product
  • Elimination of wasted product associated with typical uncontrolled gravity type water delivery applications
  • Prevention of over-saturation of road surfaces, thus reducing the breakdown of road base material

Concentration and frequency of application will depend on traffic volume, road condition and weather.

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    Key Industries That Can Benefit From Aqua Hawk DustX

    Dust Control For:

    • Mining
    • Construction Sites
    • Industrial Sites
    • City and County Roads
    • Waste Management Locations